Sokkia GNSS GPS Systems




Sokkia Co., Ltd. was founded in 1920 as Sokkisha in Japan. It makes measurement instruments for the surveying, construction and industrial measurement industries. In 2008 Sokkia was acquired by Topcon, but still maintains a separate brand.

Sokkia is a leading provider of precision equipment for the surveying, construction and civil engineering markets. Sokkia has a well deserved reputation for designing and manufacturing full-featured and affordable surveying instruments and tools. Sokkia GPS/GNSS systems are well known for their advanced features, accuracy and reliability. Sokkia’s GPS and GNSS tools offer the superior functionality and intuitive operation that you demand for your precision surveying applications. If you’re looking for top quality tools you can’t go wrong with Sokkia as they manufacture some of the highest quality GPS and GNSS surveying systems that are available on the market today. Sokkia GPS/GNSS receivers and systems are used on job sites every day around the world because they consistently produce the accurate and reliable results that engineers demand.

Sokkia manufactures a complete line of GPS and GNSS positioning solutions which are used in a variety of industries. Sokkia’s line of GPS and GNSS instrumentation includes dual frequency receivers, single frequency receivers, reference stations, GPS software, DGPS receivers and differential GPS receivers. Numerous industries trust Sokkia because they know that their equipment is built to the highest standards. If you’re looking for top-notch surveying instrumentation that makes your work easier then look no further than Sokkia. Before you rent surveying equipment and pay those expensive rental charges spend some time browsing our site to see how much you can save on new and used survey instruments and tools. Our goal is to help you save big on all of the tools you need to get your work done quickly and accurately. Be sure to bookmark our site and check back often to find the best deals on surveying equipment that you’ll find anywhere.

Some GNSS & GPS SYSTEM Models by Sokkia

Sokkia GBP700
Sokkia GRX1
Sokkia GRX2
Sokkia GSR2700
Sokkia GSR2700IS
Sokkia GSR2700RSX
Sokkia PDL 430-450
Sokkia Radian IS