Spectra Precision Epoch 50 GNSS Receiver

Spectra Precision Epoch 50

EPOCH 50 GNSS receiver

EPOCH GNSS Receiver – EPOCH 50 220 Channels for Multi-Constellation Integrated Transmit and Receive data link Compact and lightweight design RTK real-time positions, Static and PPK Network RTK positioning Spectra Precision Survey Pro field software Support for all GNSS data with Spectra Precision Survey Office software The Spectra Precision EPOCH 50 GNSS system, with its 220 channels, makes effective use of the GPS L1/L2/L2C/L5 and GLONASS L1/L2 signals for outstanding satellite coverage and precise positioning.

The EPOCH 50 GNSS receiver and antenna, use proven technologies to provide both an extremely stable phase center and the tracking of the new stronger L2C and L5 signals. The overall combination of these new signals, multi-constellation support, and receiver processing power provides consistent accuracy and confidence in results. The EPOCH 50 GNSS receiver has an internal Transmit and Receive radio modem so that any receiver may be used as a base or rover. Use the internal radio on a construction site for a quick and easy setup. Plug in an external battery for all-day operations.

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The EPOCH 50 GNSS also supports external radio and cellular modems for added flexibility and range. All receivers include Bluetooth capability to communicate cable free with your choice of world class Spectra Precision data collectors. The rover solution with the EPOCH 50 GNSS supports the numerous real time GNSS reference networks now installed all over the world. A real time network improves productivity while at the same time reduces costs, by eliminating the need to set up a base station.

The networking process supported by Survey Pro field software and GSM/GPRS capable Spectra Precision data collectors ensures the best quality, location independent correction data. Designed with greater than 99.9% reliability initializations, the EPOCH 50 GNSS provides fast, high quality results in all supported survey modes including RTK, Static and PPK. Consistent accurate results, quality construction, and affordable pricing make the EPOCH 50 GNSS the ideal choice for a productive business. Spectra Precision Survey Office software provides a complete office solution for post-processing GNSS data and adjusting terrestrial survey data. Export your processed and completed results directly back to the field or design software packages using a variety of file formats.

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The EPOCH 50 GNSS with Survey Pro provides field crews with the tools and capabilities to get the job done. With maximum stability, precision, quality and easy to use work flows, the EPOCH 50 GNSS is packed full of proven technologies that you can rely on day-to-day.

The Spectra EPOCH 50 220 Channels for Multi-Constellation with Integrated Transmit and Receive data link

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