Topcon Hiper Lite GPS L1 L2 RTK Base 915 Mhz Receiver

Topcon Hiper Lite GPS

Topcon Hiper Lite GPS Receiver
Finally, a complete RTK GPS system that leaves behind the mess of
complicated, tangled cables we have come to expect at the typical RTK
base station. While our competitors choose to only focus on one half of
the system, Topcon is once again leading the industry by providing the
WORLD’S FIRST completely cable-free system!

That’s right, no more hassles of an RTK Base Station with it’s
convoluted mess of external batteries, antennas, and RTK radios that
were all connected with fragile cables. Topcon has designed a complete,
integrated RTK Base & Rover system that is completely cable free.
No more cables to break, and no more wasted time of a difficult base
receiver setup. That’s why we call this system HiPer Lite. Less
equipment to carry into the field, and less to forget back at the

The secret to HiPer Lite is the advanced internal radio technology that
has allowed Topcon to create an integrated system where others still
offer a complicated mess of cables. The new design incorporates a high
performance 915 MHz Spread Spectrum radio that provides superior
interference-free communications up to 1.5 miles on your job site.

But don’t let the name HiPer Lite fool you. This compact little system
still packs a powerful punch. HiPer Lite incorporates Topcon’s advanced
40 channel dual frequency GPS technology, the Paradigm™ Chip, and
offers all the Topcon advances in tracking technology such as Co-Op™
tracking, Advanced Multipath Reduction (AMR).

HiPer Lite is not only free from cable hassles, it’s also Lite on your
wallet as well. Starting at a price well below a typical RTK GPS system
the Topcon HiPer Lite has finally broken the long time price barrier
that separated many customers from the benefits of RTK GPS technology.
Now advanced technology precision GPS is available at a price tag that
won’t break the bank.

A lot is changing in the world of precision GPS technology, and Topcon
is proud to be leading the way with the most advanced, innovative
systems available. With over 70 years of experience and leadership in
the precision measuring industry, it should come as no surprise. So
when considering your precision GPS options, take a good look at the
new HiPer Lite. We’re confident you’ll see for yourself what everyone’s
talking about!

Topcon Hiper


Tracking Channels, standard 40 L1 GPS (20 GPS L1+L2 on
Cinderella days)
Tracking Channels, optional 20 GPS L1+L2 (GD)
Signals Tracked L1/L2 C/A and P Code &
Specifications (1 sigma)
Baseline Accuracy 3mm + 1ppm for L1 + L2 5mm +
1.4ppm for L1
RTK (OTF) Accuracy 10mm + 1.5ppm for L1 + L2 15mm +
2ppm for L1
Cold Start <60 seconds
Warm Start <10 seconds
Reacquisition <1 second
Battery Internal Lithium-Ion batteries
plus 1 external power port for 10+ hours of operation
External power input 6 to 28 volts DC
Power consumption Less than 4.2 watts
Antenna Specifications
GPS Antenna Integrated
Antenna Type Center-mount UHF Antenna
Ground Plane Antenna on a flat ground
915 MHz SpSp Modem Internal Tx/Rx
Power Output 1.0W
Communication Bluetooth™ version 1.1
Communication Ports 4x serial (RS232)
Status Indicator 4×3-color LED’s, two-function
keys (MINTER)
Control & Display Unit External: FC-1000, Ranger, or
3rd Party
& Recording
Internal Memory Up to 1 Gbytes
Data Update Rate Up to 20 times per second (20Hz)
Data Type Code and Carrier from L1 and L2,
Real time data outputs RTCM SC104 version 2.1, 2.2,
2.3, CMR, CMR+
ASCII Output NMEA 0183 version 2.2
Other Outputs TPS format
Output Rate Up to 20 times per second (20Hz)
Enclosure Aluminum extrusion,
Operating Temperature -30°C to 60°C
Dimensions W:159 x H:172 x D:88 mm / 6.25 x
6.75 x 3.5 in
Weight 1.65 kg / 3.64 lbs

Topcon Hiper GNSS GPS

Topcon Hiper Lite L1 L2 915 Mhz GPS Receiver w/ Options* Topcon Hiper Lite GPS Receiver [ID- X1053] w/ Options..
– L1
– L2
– Cinderella
– Code Differential
– Code Differential
– RTK Base
– Co-Op Tracking
– Multipath Reduction
– Datums Support
– Geoid Height
– DGPS Mode
– CMR Output
– CMR Input
– Carrier Phase
– TPS Output
* Topcon P/N: 14-008005-03 Cable
* USB To Serial Adapter
* Topcon Tribach Base
* Topcon GPS Antenna
* Measuring Tape
* AC Adapter/Charger
* Power Cord
* User Manual On CD-ROM
* Hard Carrying Case

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