Topcon PG-A3 L1 L2 GPS GLONASS Antenna

Topcon PG-A3 L1 L2 GPS

Topcon PG-A3 Dual Frequency Antenna
The PG-A3 is a precision dual-frequency, dual-constellation GNSS
antenna featuring precision micro center technology and an integrated
ground plane to help eliminate errors cause by mulitpath.

Topcon PG-A3


  • Dual-frequency / Dual constellation
  • Precision micro center antenna technology for the highest
    horizontal and vertical accuracies
  • Integrated ground plane helps eliminate multipath errors
  • Works seamlessly with Topcon’s modular GNSS receivers



Application Features L1/L2; GPS/GLONASS
Frequency Range 1217-1260 MHz
Weight 492 Grams
Dimensions 141.6 x 141.6 x 53.7 mm
Power Input Voltage +2.7 ~ + 12V
Current Consumption 25 mA @ 5.0 typ.
LNA Gain 30 ± 2 dB
Output Impedance 50 Ω
Connector TNC Female
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +55°C

Topcon PG-A3 Dual Frequency GPS GLONASS Antenna
* Topcon PG-A3 GPS GLONASS Antenna P/N: 01-840201-03 [ID- X1364]

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