Trimble 5800 / 5700 Zephyr GPS Survey Test System w/ TSC2 Controller 450-470MHz


Trimble 5800 / 5700 Zephyr GPS

Trimble GPS 5700 GPS Receiver
The Trimble® 5700 GPS receiver is an advanced, but easy-to-use, surveying instrument that is rugged and versatile enough for any job. Combine your 5700 with the antenna and radio that best suit your needs, and then add the Trimble controller and software of your choice for a total surveying solution. The powerful 5700 GPS system will provide all the advanced technological power and unparalleled flexibility you need to increase your efficiency and productivity in any surveying environment.

The 5700 is a 24-channel dual-frequency RTK GPS receiver featuring the advanced Trimble MaxwellTM technology for superior tracking of GPS satellites, increased measuring speed, longer battery life through less power use, and optimal precision in tough environments. WAAS and EGNOS capability lets you perform real-time differential surveys to GIS grade without a base station. Use the receiver’s CompactFlash memory to store more than 8,900 hours of continuous L1/L2 data collection at an average of 15-second intervals. Transfer data to a PC at speeds of more than 1 megabit per second through the super-fast USB port.

Trimble 5800 / 5700


Proven technology provides dependable performance and precision
Flexible configurations put you in total control
Rugged, high-performance hardware is built to last
Compatible with Trimble Integrated Surveying® technology

Trimble 5800 GPS Receiver
The Trimble 5800 is an ideal solution for the surveyor that needs a simple, straightforward GPS solution that performs under the most rigorous conditions. With flexible options for system configuration and upgradability, the Trimble 5800 is a smart long-term investment.

Trimble 5800 / 5700 GNSS GPS

For simplified workflows, the new Trimble 5800 can be paired with a Trimble Recon for streamlined data collection. Combined with the Trimble TSC2 controller, the solution offers increased flexibility for all surveying needs, securing your investment as your business grows. The Trimble TSC2 also controls nearly all other Trimble sensors including the Trimble S6 Total Station and Trimble R8 GNSS Receiver. With Bluetooth wireless technology built in, cables are a thing of the past.


Scalable and upgradeable
Years of proven performance in the field
Cable-free for simple operation
Configurable as rover or base station
Flexible field control options

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