Trimble AG25 GPS GLONASS GNSS Antenna


Trimble AG25 GNSS Antenna
The AG25 GNSS antenna is a high-performance multiband GNSS antenna in a
single rugged housing which makes it ideal for agriculture

The AG25 has been designed with the challenging agricultural
environment in mind, where every satellite counts. It is optimized for
better signal sensitivity on lower elevation satellites. This helps the
user track and lock onto lower elevation satellites, while maintaining
a stronger signal to noise ratio.

The AG25 follows Trimble Agriculture’s continue effort to provide our
users with the latest in GNSS technology. The AG25 GNSS antenna is an
ideal complement to any of the Trimble Agriculture receivers,
lightbars, and displays that incorporate Transcend technology.
Transcend is a trimble proprietary positioning technology that provides
users with a family of high accuracy and flexible solutions for the
most challenging applications and environments.

Trimble AG25


  • Use for these correction signals and GNSS types:
    • GPS (L1, L2, and L5)
    • GLONASS (G1, G2, & G5)
    • OmniSTAR VBS, XP, and HP
    • RTK

Trimble AG25 GNSS GPS

  • Enhanced multipath rejection
  • Improved lower elevation satellite tracking
  • Portable, rugged housing with built-in magnets for easy
    installation and a 5/8 inch thread for more permanent installations
  • TNC Connector for compatibility with most existing Trimble
    Agriculture cabling solutions

Trimble AG25 GPS GLONASS GNSS Antenna P/N: 77038
* Trimble AG25 GNSS Antenna P/N: 77038 [ID- X1291]

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