Trimble BoB Beacon On A Belt Receiver

Trimble BoB Beacon On

Trimble Beacon-On-A-Belt
Trimble’s Beacon-on-a-Belt
(or BoB™) receiver lets you add
the extra precision of real-time
differential GPS to your GIS
projects— without adding the
encumbrance of a bulky radio
pack. The system incorporates a
beacon receiver, an antenna
and battery in one compact
cable-free* package that you
wear on your belt. The BoB
receiver decodes GPS differential
correction information from
local MSK beacons and then
transmits that information to
any GPS receiver that accepts
standard RTCM SC-104 data,
eliminating the need to
postprocess your data. Best
of all, this is completely
cable-free when used with
Trimble’s GeoExplorer® 3.

Real-time DGPS Accuracy
The accuracy of differential
GPS not only means that your
databases have better data, it
also makes locating previously
mapped assets in the field
quicker and more accurate
too. With differential GPS,
distinguishing between closely
spaced assets is fast and unambiguous.
Back in the office you’ll
save time too. Since the data you
collected was corrected as you
gathered it, you can transfer that
data directly into your GIS
without the delay of a separate
postprocessing step

Cable-Free Convenience
To complement the convenience
of Trimble’s handheld
GeoExplorer® 3 system, the
BoB differential receiver communicates
with that system
automatically—with no cabling
or accessories whatsoever. There’s
nothing to connect, nothing to
forget, and nothing to carry on
your back. Your crews will move
faster and incur less downtime
due to snagged or broken cables

Rugged and Easy to Operate
No matter where your data
collection and update projects
take you, the BoB receiver is
ready to follow. Shockproof and
water-resistant, it will withstand
all the rigors of fieldwork, in any
weather. Right out of the box
the BoB receiver is ready to start
working with your Trimble GPS/GIS data collection system.
Within seconds of powering on,
it automatically selects the best
beacon and starts transmitting
corrections. If you want to
reconfigure the receiver in the
field an easy-to-use two-button
interface simplifies the process.

Powerful Software
For more extensive configurations
the versatile PC-BoB
office software makes it easy to
exclude beacon stations, define
custom display names for stations,
and configure the initial
tracking mode. All in all, the
BoB receiver is the most convenient
and versatile beacon
receiver we’ve ever developed.

Trimble BoB


  • Provides real-time DGPS accuracy to mapping receivers
  • Cable-free communication with Trimble GeoExplorer 3
  • Rugged, ergonomic design
  • Noise-rejecting beacon receiver
  • Dual-channel minimum shift-keying (MSK) differential GPS (DGPS)
    beacon receiver
  • Cable-free real-time link to the Trimble GeoExplorer 3 mapping
    system in the United States
  • Automatically tracks the strongest or closes beacon signal, or
    can be fixed to track a specified beacon station
  • Rugged, dust, and water resistant housing
  • Compact, ergonmoic belt-mounted design
  • Immunity to noise and jamming signals
  • All day internal rechargeable battery
  • Simple two button/two LED interface
  • Full DGPS status in the field via GeoExplorer 3
  • Advanced configuration setup via PC-BoB software
  • Advanced diagnostics via PC-BoB software

Trimble BoB GNSS GPS


Size 20.6 cm (8.1’’) H x 10.7 cm
(4.2’’)W x 10.7 cm
(4.2’’) D (at antenna)
Weight 1.16 kg (2.56 lbs
Power consumption 1.5 W
Temperature Operating: -10 C to +50 C (+14 F
to +122 F)Storage: -20 C to +70 C (-4 F to +158 F)
Humidity Up to 99% non-condensing
Port settings RS-232 at 2400 baud, 8 data
bits, 1 stop bit,
no parity
Cold start time <25 seconds typical
Warm start time <12 seconds typical
Channels 2
Frequency Range: 283.5-325 kHz
Spacing: 500 Hz
MSK modulation 50, 100 & 200 b/s
Output protocol RTCM SC-104
Input protocol NMEA 0183
Battery life Up to 10 hours

Trimble BoB Beacon-On-A-Belt Receiver
* Trimble BoB Beacon-On-A-Belt Receiver [ID- X1197]
* BoB Receiver Pouch w/ Strap
* Quick Reference Card
* AC Adapter/Charger
* Power Cord
* RS232 PC Interface Cable
* User Manual On CD-ROM
* Hard Copy User Manual
* Carrying Case (G)

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