Trimble Hurricane GPS L1 Antenna

Trimble Hurricane GPS L1

Trimble Hurricane GPS Antenna
The Hurricane Antenna is a high quality GPS antenna for GeoExplorer®
series handhelds and GPS
Pathfinder® Pro series receivers that is resistant to signal
interference and multipath. Ideal for all
mapping applications, it is especially useful in difficult environments
such as under canopy and in
urban canyons.

The Hurricane antenna can be mounted on a backpack or range pole to
raise it above the body. This
minimizes interference and the blocking of signals, resulting in a
higher yield of positions and the
best possible performance.

Trimble Hurricane


  • Optimized for best accuracy in difficult
  • Integrated groundplane for rejecting
    multipath signals
  • Integrated screw thread allows for easy
    mounting onto a backpack or range
    pole, or onto a vehicle with a magnetic


Size: 6.35 in. diameter x 2.3 in.
(16.1 cm x 5.8 cm)
Weight: 0.86 lb (0.39 kg)
Operating Temperature: –40º F to +158º F (–40º C to
+70º C)
Storage Temperature: –58º F to +176º F (–50º C to
+80º C)
Humidity: 100% humidity proof, fully sealed
Power consumption 0.2 Watts
Gain: 42 dBm
Noise: 2.5 dB max
Frequency: 1575.42 ± 10 MHz
Connector: TNC
Mounting: 5/8 – 11 Thread
Cable: 1.5 m TNC to SMB antenna cable

Trimble Hurricane GNSS GPS

Trimble Hurricane GPS L1 Antenna For GeoExplorer Data Collectors &
GPS Pathfinder Pro Series Receiver

* Trimble Hurricane GPS Antenna P/N: 50393-50 [ID- X1605]
* Trimble P/N: 50643 DCA0518 Cable
* Carrying Case

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