Trimble SPS551H GPS GLONASS Heading Add On Receiver For SPS551 SPS751 SPS851


Trimble SPS551H Add-on GPS Receiver
The Trimble SPS551H is an add-on receiver that can be combined with the
SPS551, SPS751 Max, or SPS851 Extreme to provide a precise heading
capability using Trimble moving base technology.

The SPS551H receiver provides Precise GPS heading capability when
combined with another SPSx51 Modular GPS receiver (excluding the SPS751
Basic base and or another SPS551H receiver). The SPS551H cannot be used

The receiver is ideal for projects that require the precise heading of
a vessel or structure.

Trimble SPS551H

The SPS551H receiver provides the following features:

  • Low-cost Precise GPS Heading add-on GPS receiver for the Trimble
    SPS551, SPS751, or SPS851 receivers
  • Connection to another GPS receiver through Bluetooth wireless
    technology or a serial port
  • 10 Hz heading update rate in NMEA 0183 and Trimble binary formats
  • Configuration and heading on a two-line display
  • RoHS compliant
  • Tracks up to 24 GPS satellites
  • Can be upgraded to receive GLONASS signals
  • 1 Pulse-per-second (1PPS) output

Trimble SPS551H GNSS GPS

Trimble SPS551H GLONASS GPS Heading Add-On Receiver w/ Options (Please Note That the SPS551H Cannot Be Used Alone)* Trimble SPS551H GLONASS GPS Heading Add-On Receiver [ID- X1039] w/
– CMR Inputs
– Moving Base
– Bluetooth
– Disable VRS
– Enable GLONASS
– Enable Webserver
– Heading Mode Only
– No Static CMR Input
– Login Required
* Trimble P/N: 57168 Multi-Adapter
* AC Adapter/Charger
* Power Cord
* Carrying Case (G)

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