Trimble Tempest GPS Antenna

Trimble Tempest GPS Antenna

Trimble Tempest Antenna
Trimble introduces the new Trimble® Tempest™ antenna,
which replaces the Trimble Hurricane antenna in the Trimble
Mapping & GIS product family.

Trimble Tempest

High quality GPS antenna for use in
difficult GNSS environments

The Trimble® Tempest™ antenna is a high quality GPS antenna for
GeoExplorer® series handhelds and GPS Pathfinder® Pro series receivers
that is resistant to signal interference and multipath. Ideal for all
mapping applications, it is especially useful in difficult environments
such as under canopy and in urban canyons.

The Tempest antenna can be mounted on a backpack or range pole to raise
it above the body. This minimizes interference and the blocking of
signals, resulting in a higher yield of positions and the best possible

The Trimble Tempest antenna delivers improved GPS
performance including yield—the ability to obtain positions
under difficult GPS conditions. Its key features are:

  • GPS L1
  • SBAS capable (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS)
  • Integrated magnets on the bottom of the antenna, allowing it to
    be directly mounted on the roof of a vehicle
  • TNC antenna cable connector

Trimble Tempest GNSS GPS

The new Tempest antenna is the recommended external antenna option for:

  • The GeoXT™ handheld
  • The GPS Pathfinder® ProXT™ receiver

Trimble Tempest GPS L1 Antenna For GeoExplorer Series Data Collectors
& GPS Pathfinder Pro Series Receivers

* Trimble Tempest GPS Antenna P/N: 57973-00 [ID- X1195]

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